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Ultimate Roku Tips to Help You Stream Like a Pro

Ultimate Roku Tips to Help You Stream Like a Pro

When we think of streaming videos without any hassle, the first name that comes to mind is Roku. Roku is one of the best devices that takes your streaming experience to the next level. Though Roku boasts an array of features, here we are raising curtain from some ultimate tips using which you can make the most of your Roku device. Read on to know some of the best Roku tips and stream like a pro.

Use your smartphone as a Roku remote

Misplaced remote of your Roku? We often place remote here and there and at the time of using the device, it has become difficult to find the remote. If this is the case with you and you don’t want to miss streaming videos, then your smartphone can save you. Simply get the Roku app on your device and control your Roku the way you fancy. Ranging right from enabling voice search to providing an on-screen keyboard, your smartphone can be used in many ways. Best of all, you can stream TV episodes and movies on the go using the Roku Channel.

Watch free entertainment

Nothing can be better than watching a movie without spending a single penny. Using the Roku Channel, you can enjoy TV episodes, movies, live news, and much more for free. However, you have to handle a few commercials in between.

Enjoy voice search

No more wastage of time to search channels one by one by typing their name. Roku search is one of the best features that helps you search the channels of your choice in a matter of minutes. Above all, voice search makes the process even faster.

All Roku streaming devices come with a voice remote. In case your device is not having the one, simply get the Roku mobile app on your smartphone. Access your account, which has been made by you via roku com link and start using voice search.

Discover hidden Roku channels

There are a myriad of channels available in the Roku Channel Store, but what if you can check hidden channels? Yes, you read it right! There are some secret channels that can be explored by navigating to Roku guide. To locate such channels, simply hit the link you want and add channel. Doing so will take you to the Roku account page. Reaching here, simply log in to your account and enter the Roku link code for the particular channel. You are good to go!

Organize your home screen

Are you finding the task of finding a channel a bit problematic? Worry not! Place your favorite channels at the top for accessing them with ease. Doing so will save you from scrolling up and down your home screen.

You can list your favorites by highlighting the channel you want at top, then clicking the Options button, and lastly selecting Move Channel. This is how adding favorite channels at top becomes super easy. Isn’t it?

If you are in search of more Roku tips, then no need to look here and there. Clicking here, you can have a tour of more beneficial tips of Roku.

We wish you have a happy streaming experience!


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