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How to Resolve Issues while Activating or Linking Your Roku Device

How to Resolve Issues while Activating or Linking Your Roku Device

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Facing issues while activating your Roku streaming device is not good at all because you would not be able to make the most of your media player. In order to activate your device, a Roku account is must. You can create an account through web address.

On the off chance that you want to activate your Roku streaming player or Roku TV, it ought to be connected to a Roku account. Your Roku account includes the data concerning which gadgets you own and which channels you’ve installed, along with your settings and preferences.

Let’s first make you aware of the process of Roku activation.

  • To start with, power on your Roku device carefully.
  • Create a Roku account.
  • Connect it to the internet.
  • Wait for some time and then note a Roku link code displayed on the TV screen.
  • Go to the default web address and enter this code.
  • Now, you can add the payment method as per your choice for future channel subscriptions.

A Helpful Tip: In case you don’t want to enter any payment details, you can skip this option and navigate to Roku no CC link to complete the Roku activation process.

After going through the above-given steps, you will probably be thinking that it is quite an easy process, isn’t it? Well, maybe!

However, a large number of users experience issues while activating or linking your device. If you are also in the same boat, here is your destination. This article enables you to fix any problems you may get during the linking process.

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Issue 1: I Get an Error after I Input the Link Code on the Website

In case you come across an error after entering the link code, input the code once again. There may have been a typo or a few other difficulties like a system network or temporary network.

If this doesn’t solve the issue:

  • Return to your Roku device, press the button on your Roku remote and then get a new code.
  • Once the brand new link code is displayed, go back to and input the new code.

Sometimes, you may find the purple screen Roku while getting the new code. Fix this immediately by calling our always-available technicians at toll-free 1-855-795-5955.

Issue 2: I Entered the Link Code, but My Roku Tool is Stuck on the Link Code Display Screen

At times, it is able to take some time to finish the activation procedure, so please wait a couple of minutes. If the Roku tool maintains to show the screen with the link code, attempt these steps:

  • Make certain you have followed all the steps mentioned above so one can activate your Roku device. You have to complete all of the activation steps before going back on your Roku device. Or else, your Roku tool will not be activated.
  • If you see “error 001” and the message “not linked” on the television display screen, it approaches that your Roku device is not connected to a network. So connect it right away.

If that doesn’t work, connect with our highly knowledgeable and expert technicians at toll-free 1-855-795-5955. They will fix all your technical problems in a timely manner.


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