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Fix Issues like Roku’s ‘Applications Crash & Firmware Update’ with Roku Link Code

Fix Issues like Roku’s ‘Applications Crash & Firmware Update’ with Roku Link Code

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Numerous issues could halt the functionality of Roku. While we are very well about most of the Roku issues, but there are a few issues like application crash or firmware update, we have no clue. Today, we are going to analysis those two issues along with their simple but perfect solutions. So whatever the issue is, you can fix it with a single Roku link code.

There could be many reasons behind the failure of Roku media player. There are some important factors that we have to discuss along with their reasons as well, as those also that arises issues at times.

If you are using Roku device and suddenly it stops working, then you try to find out the cause behind it. But what if the application only crash or freeze in your Roku and even the not working in that particular conditions, then how you probably deal with it.

Let us try to consider the various facts that create sudden application crash and failure in the firmware update.

Bugged Application Leads to a Sudden Crash or Frozen

Sometimes the latest installed applications may be crashed or frozen your Roku device. This could also put terribly negative effect on the other applications also. Sometimes it freezes your complete device and not you to remove the application. And in the end, you need to re-configure your device with activating it again with the Roku link code, which could be a lengthy and frustrating process for you.

To sort out this particular problem, firstly you need to try close all those applications which are crashing or freezing, then just reboot your device.

If fails, to close the applications, simply unplug your Roku device from the power outlet, then wait for a few seconds before plugging the device back again. After the complete reboot process, try to uninstall those particular applications, which are causing bug or error.

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Somehow, if still, the conditions remain same and you are facing the Roku’ application freezing issue or not working. Get the best assistance from the highly talented and experienced technical experts through one single call over the toll-free number +1-855-795-5955.

Old Firmware Can Stuck Your Roku Streaming Player

The firmware at which your Roku device is working and functioning could be older or out of date. This fails the Roku to get the new updates. If you are dealing with this firmware problem, then you can fix it flawlessly without many efforts. Just by visiting the home screen next by the ‘Settings’ option. Under the ‘Settings’, you need to choice the ‘System’ >>> ‘System Update’ >>> ‘Check Now’. If any updates available, then all you need to download and install the latest update.

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If you are dealing with these update related errors, then here are the reasons that might have evolved in those errors:

A firewall is blocking to access Roku link code to update your Roku device

If your Roku device is not updated or fails to get an update, then it could be due to the firewall restriction. First of all, you have to disable the firewall, which you can easily configure just by logging in to your particular router’s configuration settings. If you are currently using a Windows operating system, launch a web browser and try to connect and configure your router. Find the firewall settings in the control panel also and make it turn off.

TV fails to communicate with Roku Update Server

If your TV isn’t able to connect with the Roku update server. Try to fix this problem, by connecting it with the secret screen and update from that particular screen. With the help of Roku remote, you can get the secret screen. Just press the ‘home’ button five times, press ‘fast forward’ button three times and the ‘rewind’ button only two times. Now scroll towards the “update software” by tapping on “OK” button.

If it doesn’t work, connect with our highly experienced and talented technicians through our toll-free number +1-855-795-5955.


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