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Roku is a one of the most known streaming players, enabling you to stream content from web on compatible TV. The gadget accompanies varied outstanding highlights, for example, 4K resolution compatibility, private tuning in, voice search enabled remote, and so forth. You can get to 4000 Roku channels and stream what you need. A completely setup roku account gives you access to bundle of free and paid channels like Netflix, HBO GO, YouTube and many others.

Setting up Roku

To utilize Roku, a steady web connection is must. So you must need to interface Roku to the web either wirelessly or utilizing wired connections. For remote or wireless connection, turn on Roku and pick an accessible WiFi connection. Enter the secret key-phrase of the chosen network to proceed. When done, you can begin the procedure to setup Roku account. However you will need an Ethernet cable to make a wired link among Roku and TV set. Else, you might face not working.

Some Roku players, for example, Roku 3 additionally gives you access to a small scale SD card slot. At the point when associated with the network, you can likewise perform Roku 3 micro SD install process at ease. Installing the SD card gives you a chance to extend the interior memory addressable to download games and channels from the Roku channel store. As you include more Roku channels using enter code, a screen may show up proposing you to include a SD card. Setting up Roku 3 Install SD card process permits your games just as channels to load quicker. However, one thing to consider here is that the micro SD card is not meant to store personal media such as music, videos or photos.

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Roku Link Code

Roku Link Code is the code used to activate Roku account to start enjoying on-demand streaming. This code has a crucial role in authenticating Roku. It is a unique code that is provided to streamers to activate Roku. Using the link code, you can subscribe the various Roku channels. Some of these channels may require extra fee, and hence can ask for your master card information and Roku link code from TV.

Where to Generate Roku Link Code

You can get to link code easily by following the steps given below:

  • Link the Roku Player to a compatible TV using the HDMI.
  • Connect the device to the power outlet.
  • In case you see a red light, it indicates that the player is not getting enough power supply.
  • Switch the player to a reliable wall plug.
  • Make sure that the batteries remain intact in your Roku remote.
  • Now turn on your TV as well as the Roku device.
  • Press the ON button of the remote.
  • Select your preferred language from the list.
  • Link your player to the internet connection to generate link code.
  • After the completion of the above steps, you will see the Roku activation code on your TV.
Roku without Credit card

You need to enter this Roku link code from TV to Roku com link. That’s how you can generate the Roku com link code. If still you have any issue with, feel free to contact our activation experts on toll-free 1-866-885-7126 to get quick fixes of all your troubles.

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Purple Screen Roku

One of the foremost common issues with setting up Roku is the purple screen. This screen resembles an error – ‘HDCP unauthorized Content Disabled’. Purple screen Roku is a consequence of usage of faulty HDMI cable or connector. Apart from this, if a TV or AVR (Audio/Video Receiver) doesn’t support HDCP which is High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection technology, then purple screen Roku error gets originated. For instant Roku purple screen fix, use a different HDMI cable on your TV.

Activate Roku without Credit Card

Don’t wish to share your master card details when you setup Roku account? Worry not as you can also activate Roku without sharing your card details. All you have to try and do is simply head to Roku no CC link. After that, log in to enter code and make up an account.  If you face not working, restart your Roku. Once done, you will find that credit card information is no more compulsory for setting up Roku. Thereafter, you without any hassle can perform the Roku 3 micro SD install process.

Stream AVI Roku

With its 1080 HD video streaming and dual-band WiFi receiver, Roku takes streaming to the ensuing level. However, will Roku TV play AVI? Possibly not as the device only supports MKV (H.264), WMV, MOV (H.264), MP3, FLAC, WMA, WAV, AAC, PNG, and JPG. But you can still stream AVI Roku with the help of AVI converter and Roku com link. To know how to use it and stream AVI on Roku flawlessly, give us a call on 1-866-885-7126 and talk to our adapt technicians. not working
Make contact with us to get instant help Create Account

Before including Roku channels and streaming media content on your Roku gadget, you need to experience create account process. enter code

You have to go for create account to setup roku account.  For this, you need to visit And if not working, check the URL. However, while activating the streaming player, you can begin with roku com link create account process. Regardless of when you wish to create your account, the essential thing is to have a legitimate email address. This email ID is intended to deal with your account and get significant notifications.

What’s more, you should choose a unique and solid passphrase. In the event that you are pondering Roku account payment, let us disclose to you that you can make Roku account free – no expense at all for activation. You should just go to sign up page and enter every one of the asked essentials. Set up a secret phrase that you can undoubtedly recall yet very difficult to figure for other people. For help, connect with create account specialists utilizing our support number.

During Activation

  • When you turn on your streaming player, the procedure to setup roku account will begin consequently.
  • While making a Roku account without a charge card, ensure that your gadget is connected to an active web connection.
  • This procedure will help you in arranging settings and preferences, enacting your media player, with Roku activation code and setting up a link with the Internet.
  • When you activate Roku without Credit Card or with it, you will be able to connect your gadget to the present account or you can make another one.

Roku Account Activation

Make sure to have a valid Roku account for using the streaming device. On the off chance if you don’t have an account, create a new one. After the Roku account has been created successfully, the further need is to activate Roku through link code. Here are steps to do so:

  • Power on a computer or laptop and connect it to the Internet.
  • Open any available web browser and type Roku com link in the address bar.
  • At the point when the web page opens, enter Roku link code from TV in the prompted box.
  • Sign in to your account by providing your name, email ID and password.
  • Verify that it is your account.
  • Choose a payment method – (master card or PayPal) you like.
  • Provide your credit card details – number and the expiration date.
  • Likewise, you can buy channels for Roku player after you enter the activation code for Roku.
  • After the channels have been added to your account, you can enjoy your favorite videos, audios or movies on your TV set.

Activate Roku without Credit Card
Roku Link Code

After providing Roku link code from TV, Roku will refresh itself after some time. So hang tight for a couple of minutes prior to start using it. On the off chance you go over any issues with link code, just call on 1-866-885-7126 and approach our expert technicians for instant help.

Create Roku account without Credit Card

To activate Roku first time, you will need the credit card details. However, you won’t be charged for creating the account. The only need for these credentials is to easily stream the paid channels via Roku. You won’t be charged until you activate the paid channels. There is no charge for activation code for Roku.

Nevertheless, if you don’t wish to share your credit card information, you can activate Roku without credit card using these steps:

  • Power on your computer or laptop.
  • Launch any available web browser like Chrome or Firefox.
  • Navigate to Roku no CC link.
  • Tap on Create my account.
  • Now a new page will appear which looks like a form.
  • Type in your necessary information.
  • This information is the first name, email ID and password.
  • Once done, click on Continue to get an activation code for Roku.
  • Next, tap the update button below the payment method section.
  • Don’t forget to add a PIN preference.
Roku without Credit card/ Roku no CC

But do remember whenever you wish to purchase any channels on Roku, you will need to provide the credit card or PayPal details and activation code for Roku.

And if you’re still confused about how to activate Roku without credit card? Just call our customer care number 1-866-885-7126 and talk to our highly-experienced technicians sitting on help desk. Our team is 24×7 available to help you with any issues related to activation code for Roku, so feel free to call us any time for instant technical help.

Roku Activation Code Issues to Activate Roku Without Credit Card

These are the common problems that users encounter when they activate Roku without credit card via

  • Various error codes appear on screen such as 009, 012, 014, 14.30, 14.20, 14.50, 018, 016, 14.41 and 017 during the activation process.
  • Expiration of the Roku activation code provided on TV screen.
  • Incapable of adding channels on Roku device.

Get in touch with our technical team at 1-866-885-7126 to fix all these problems related to Roku activation code. We have certified technicians who aim to resolve all issues related to activate Roku without Credit Card on a single phone call.

Connecting to Roku account via

After you setup Roku account, you have to make an account and link it to Roku. Open an internet browser and go to web address. Make a new account in the event that you don’t have as of now. Else, pursue the steps given beneath to connect your account before setting up Roku:

  • Above all else, note down the Roku activation code showed on TV.
  • Load up an internet browser on PC or laptop.
  • Put in in the top bar and hit Enter key.
  • Another screen will emerge requesting Roku Link Code.
  • But not in the case if not working.
  • Put in the code which you have noted down and click on Submit catch.
  • Another page will appear. Here, you can add channels to your account.
  • In the rundown area, every one of your memberships and aggregate sum spent can be seen.
  • Tap on Continue.
  • A brief will demand you to hang tight for a couple of minutes with the goal that it can connect to account. enter code

In the event that you experience any issue during the procedure like Purple Screen Roku, remember to call us on our toll-free number 1-866-885-7126 and get associated with guaranteed specialists for quick solutions.

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roku com link is the dedicated web address to link, activate and set up Roku media players. Oftentimes, when you try to access, error codes like 009 ,012,013 appears on screen. To deal with such errors, power cycle your device. That is disconnect it from the power source. After a few seconds, connect it back and then try to access the
Roku Link code is the code used for activating the Roku device. This is a unique code and can be found on your TV screen. All you have to do is, create a wired connection between the TV and the Roku player using the HDMI port. Note down the Roku Link code displayed on the screen and use it for activation. Thereafter you can subscribe the various channels which you like to start streaming.
To activate Roku, you need to create an account via Roku com link. Go to any web browser – Chrome or Firefox and open This is the page to activate Roku. Type in the Roku Link code displayed on the TV screen in the prompted box. That’s it your Roku device has been activated. Add or remove the Roku channels as per your need. In case, you face any difficulty in the process to activate Roku, give us a call at 1-866-885-7126.

Roku account PIN update –

Roku account PIN helps in preventing unauthorized transactions. That’s why it’s recommended to create a PIN for your Roku account. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Step One Go to and sign in to your Roku account using username and password.
  2. Step Two Click on the update button. Create a 4 digit PIN and verify it.
  3. Step Three A PIN is required to make a purchase or add channels to your account. Finally, click on save button.
  4. Step Four Once done, turn on Roku and connect to WiFi. Now, you can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, audios and cartoons on your TV. create account

Roku Link Code Activation

Roku is one of the top streaming media players on the planet. To enjoy streaming in a hassle-free manner, you need Roku link code to associate your device with the Roku account. And for this purpose, you need to be familiar with the procedure of Roku com link activation.

Roku activation link code is mandatory to access your favorite channels on your media player. Here are the steps to consider for Roku link code activation:


Step One

Connect your Roku player to the internet. Wait for a few minutes as your streaming player will take some time in downloading and installing the latest software.

Step Two

Now, you will see the Roku link code for activation which is alphanumeric. Note it down carefully and go to web address through your mobile device or computer.

Step Three

As soon as the web page loads properly, enter the Roku activation code followed by clicking on the submit button. In case you get a purple screen Roku or the frozen screen, you need to contact via our toll-free number 1-866-885-7126.

Step Four

Follow the steps provided on the screen to log in to an existing account or create a new one. Next, enter the activation code for Roku after linking your streaming device with Roku account.

roku link code from tv

Issues with Roku Com Link Activate Code

Roku is your one-stop for unlimited entertainment no matter either you activate Roku without credit card or with it at the time of setup. However, in order to utilize Roku without card, remember that you have to activate it through Roku no CC link.

Despite the fact that everything in Roku is very simple to-utilize and basic, yet clients came across certain issues while activating the gadget. Because of this, they can’t stream AVI Roku or different channels.

This section will enable you to investigate any issues you may encounter during the Roku link code activation process. link code

Errors While Entering Activation Code

On the off chance that you get a mistake while typing Roku link code, you need to enter the code once more. Odds are you may have entered the wrong code. A system error or temporary network error may a reason behind this issue.

TTo solve this issue, press the star catch on your Roku remote and pick the assistance option. Get another Roku enactment code. As soon as the TV shows the new code, visit web address and enter it to activate your device.

Roku link code

Roku Stuck on the Link Code Screen After Entering the Code

Now and again, it can take some time for the activation procedure to finish. In any case, in the event that the screen stuck for around 30 minutes or more, at that point truly, you have to make a move. In order to fix this problem, make sure first that you have completed all the steps mentioned above to activate your Roku media player. If you see a Roku error code 001, it shows there is no link between your Roku gadget and the system. For this situation, click on attempt again choice to interface it with the current home network.

In the event that this doesn’t work, converse with your Internet Service Provider or ISP to check whether the internet is down or not. Finally, if nothing works for you, connect with our well-prepared experts via our toll-free number 1-866-885-7126 and get instant yet relevant solutions to troubleshoot the issue.

Stream AVI Roku

Now, your Roku device is activated effectively. Hence you can stream AVI Roku. AVI stands for Audio Video Interleaved. An AVI file is a sound and motion picture file based on Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF). An AVI file is intended for storing both audio and video data in a single file.

But does Roku TV play AVI?

Roku without any doubt, is the most famous media player to stream videos on your TV. You can pick various channels according to your choice. However, the only limitation of Roku is that the range of supported media file formats isn’t wide enough. The Roku supported formats includes MKV (H.264), MP3, AAC, PNG, JPG and MP4 (H.264). Thus, Roku can’t play the AVI files. But there isn’t any way to make Roku TV play AVI? Of course, there is. The solution is media converter. You can use Roku AVI converter to play AVI files on your streaming device. To know how to do as such, converse with our professionals on toll-free 1-866-885-7126. They will fix all your Roku-related issues in almost no time.

Roku 3 Micro SD Install – Enhance Roku Storage

With Roku 3 micro SD install, you can enhance the Roku storage. Roku 3 has the micro SD card slot for memory card. For Roku 3 install SD card process, insert the SD card into this given slot in right manner ( as per the indication given on slot). Don’t try to insert the card harshly.

After the card insertion, a dialog will appear stating that the SD card detected. Click on Roku 3 micro SD card install. Thereafter, hit the next button to initiate formatting.

So that is how the process of setting up Roku 3 install SD card is executed. In case you encounter any issues during Roku 3 micro SD card install, Roku activation code, link code or Activate Roku without Credit Card, get in touch with our certified technicians on toll-free 1-866-885-7126 to get the relevant and instant solutions.